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  • Subject: Online Practice Tests

    Dr. Hougue, Hi, This is Angie ******** I bought the REA version of the test to practice for the test and failed both tests by 4 and 5 points. I was then looking for another practice test and a friend suggested that I try this website http://www.certifyteacher.com/. It works really great because the tests are different every time I try to take them. I have a test bank of over 326 questions. It also has a hard disk version of the program. It can be installed on a single computer and used to take the test. Site licences are available. They also give free updates to the program. But you can look into the program and see what you think about it. I wanted something different and this was it. The internet version is $55 while the disk version for (2) computers is $65. That may be too much but do try to look at it. This will bring the practice tests more like the CAT version of the real test.


  • Subject: Great Product

    Great product. Worked. Passed the test using the practice tests and feedback. Thanks.


  • Subject: Testimonial

    Certify Teacher provided all the support I needed to pass the certification tests for Texes SPECIAL EDUCATION (161) and Texes TECHNOLOGY APPLICATIONS EC-12 (142). The predicted scores were close (+/- 5 points) and the simulated examinations provided an accurate representation of the real tests. Furthermore, when the local testing center had to reschedule my Special Education examination, Certify Teacher graciously extended by practice period by the required time. The price is low, the service is good, and I am one happy customer!

    Mr. Kim

  • Subject: Access Time

    Hello! I am writing this email to request additional time for the EC-6 review. I have found your online practice exams to be extremely helpful! I have passed the Special Education EC-12 and the PPR EC-12 by studying with your software. I am thankful for the interactive review online and the information that it provides. Thank you,


  • Subject: Practice Exams

    Good morning Certify Teacher Tech Support, I'd like to thank all of you (Sales dept. included) because my test preparation with your software was an important element to pass the ESL Suppl. #154; which I did!!!; Yes, I passed the test this week. Now, the second part of my plan is to prepare for the Bilingual Generalist #119 with your program. Best regards to you all.


  • Subject: Second certification

    Oh what a shame you guys are not done developing the prep test for exam # 176 Business Education 6-12. I recommend your company a lot since I recently passed my Tech Apps with your software preparation. You all did an EXCELLENT job! Thank you!


  • Subject: Passed it!

    To whom it may concern, I passed my Math 4-8 TExES last month! Thanks for the help. Sincerely,


  • Subject: Thank you

    Certify Teacher study material really helped me to pass my 161 Special Education test. I am now certified to teach special education in all levels in the State of Texas. Thank you! Thank you!


  • Subject: Wonderful

    Just wanted to say thanks for making an outstanding product! Unfortunately, I didn't discover you until I'd already taken my TExES EC-4 and 4-8 Generalist exams otherwise I would have used your product for those tests too! I will tell anyone and everyone to buy this product! Sincerely,


  • Subject: Feedback

    Hello, I could not find a place to leave feedback after my test was taken so I am emailing you all at sales. I registered for the Texes Special Education 161 exam and found your program on the Texas Teachers website. I am very impressed. I will be honest and I was very scared because I could not pass the math portion of your practice exam. I PASSED MY TEST and I give so much credit to your program. The math was harder on your program but it pushed me to study and made certain I was prepared for the test. I am recommedning this program to everyone I know that are seeking intial or additional certification areas. Thank you sooo much! I will be using your program again for my Generalist 4-8 exam.


  • Subject: Principalship Practice Exam

    I PASSED my exam! Thanks a million for the practice preparation. Now I just need to access my account to print a final log for my Principal's Certification program. Certify Teacher was an AWESOME preparation tool!